Green Tea with Turmeric & Ginger - Kombucha Kit Ingredient (1 Gallon)

Ingredient Kit Includes enough tea and sugar to brew one gallon of tea for your *SCOBY. Brew one gallon of kombucha at home for a fraction of the cost of buying bottles at the store!

Green tea has a light flavor and a refreshing, slightly sweet finish which balances the spicy ginger and earthy turmeric. Green tea is commonly used as a starter tea for making kombucha.

*SCOBY NOT Included


Homebrewing kombucha is easy and requires minimal equipment and time.  We recommend you purchase dedicated equipment for making kombucha because the SCOBY microorganisms are similar to bacteria that can infect beer or wine.  See our kombucha equipment kit for an all-in-one kombucha ingredient & equipment option.

Click Here for Kombucha Brewing Instructions.

Click Here for Kombucha Bottling Instructions.

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