Kombucha Making

Making kombucha at home is as easy as brewing tea and costs less, too!

Brewing kombucha tea at home starts with a SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast), or Live Kombucha Starter.  Our Kombucha Starter Kit comes complete with everything you need to brew a one-gallon batch of kombucha. Step-by-step instructions ensure you will make a quality kombucha.

We combine the best tea for making kombucha with botanicals and fruits to create our kombucha kits.  Different kombucha flavors started as home experiments hand crafted with love.  Every time you brew you are making a new kombucha SCOBY you can break apart to share with friends.

If you’ve never fermented food or beverages at home, don’t worry! Kombucha is almost impossible to mess up. Simply follow the instructions and you’ll be in good shape. If you don’t have any equipment or ingredients our SCOBY, kombucha recipe kits and kombucha fermenting equipment kits will get you started, find a beginner kit here.

We recommend you never use beer, wine, mead or cider making equipment to make kombucha. The bacteria present in a SCOBY could infect your fermented beverages through the equipment.


Recommended Equipment: