Electric Beer Brewing Systems - All-in-One Systems

The latest revolution in home brewing is the all-in-one electric all grain brewing system.  Multiple manufacturers have released affordable, compact systems that deliver consistent performance take the stress out of brew day.

Why go electric? Apart from the (theoretically) cleaner energy source than propane, there are some serious benefits to converting to an electric brewing system:

  • Brew indoors No more struggling with frozen garden hoses or propane tanks on winter brew days
  • Small footprint Reduce your brewhouse size to 2 vessels: one of these systems and a hot liquor tank
  • No special power needs Use any 110-volt GFI outlet
  • Accurate mash temps Dial in a temperature and the system heats as needed to maintain it
  • Repeatability Minimize variations and your recipes will come out the same each time you brew
  • Short brew day Once you have the process down brew in as little as 3.5-4 hours
  • Easy cleanup Soak the unit with your preferred cleaner, wipe away any protein deposits, sanitize and come back when you're ready for the next brew

All-grain beer brewing using a small-footprint electric system makes indoor beer brewing a breeze.  For a complete all grain brewing system you will need a small hot liquor tank.  You may be able to use a pot or kettle you already own, or you may want to use an electric hot liquor tank.