Dual Burner Patio Stove, 10-psi

Sometimes two burners are better than 1!  The easy-to-use Bayou Classic Dual Burner Patio Stove can make brew day a breeze by allowing you to heat two kettles at once.  Whether you're looking to make back-to-back all-grain batches or trying to heat sparge water while making candi syrup, you'll find this stove to be a go-to piece of equipment.


Dual 14-in Diameter Cooking Surfaces

Welded Steel Base Frame, 31.5-in Length x 12.5-in Tall

Locking Extension Legs Raise Height to 25-in

Wide Leg Design for Stability

360 Windscreen Protection

Dual High Pressure Burners

Dual 36-in Stainless Braided Hoses

10 PSI Regulator with Dual Brass Control Valves

Designed for Large Pots up to 62-Qt capacity, minimum of 12-in Diameter

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