Ball Lock QD Adjustable Pressure Relief Valve W/Pressure Gauge

This ball lock valve assembly relieves pressure while filtering from one keg to another while also letting you read the pressure in the receiving keg.


This unit may also be used in conjunction with a pressure-rated fermenter or ball lock keg to ferment lagers using the White Labs High Pressure Lager yeast.  Homebrewers will also use this unit as a spunding valve, a process which allows traditional continental-style lagers to carbonate naturally in lieu of using forced carbonation techniques.


Note: The very end of the pressure relief valve can be adjusted by unscrewing to adjust the pressure. If tight, and not adjustable by hand, it needs to be loosened with pliers. Wrap a towel around the end piece of the pressure relief valve (about  the last 1/4 in) and loosen with pliers. Then finger tighten or loosen to desired pressure.

Gauge reads 0 - 15 psi

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